Talent Strategy Opens New Illinois Office

Talent Strategy, a Midwest-based staffing and recruiting company, announced today the opening of a brand-new office in Illinois.  Conveniently located at 750 Almar Parkway, Suite 201, Bourbonnais, IL, 60914, this office is set to become a haven for job seekers in the Kankakee, IL and surrounding area and allow them to better serve clients and candidates alike.

In response to this expansion, President of Talent Strategy, John Randall shared his enthusiasm.  “We believe in not just growing but thriving. Expanding into a new office in Illinois is a testament to our dedication to our candidates and clients. With this new location, we aim to provide even more opportunities and enhanced support to everyone we serve,” said Randall.  “Our journey of business growth is an exciting one, and this new chapter will help us reach new heights.”

Talent Strategy - Bourbonnais, IL

Talent Strategy – Bourbonnais, IL

Key Details:
Address: 750 Almar Parkway, Suite 201, Bourbonnais, IL, 60914
Phone: (312) 757-5521
Email: recruiting@t-strategy.com
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For Clients
This new office will provide many benefits for our current and future clients in the area.

  1. More Access to Local Talent: Illinois has a well-established manufacturing workforce. This new staffing hub allows us to tap further into the local talent pool, ensuring that we can find skilled and experienced candidates who are experienced in the manufacturing industry. This local expertise can be a significant advantage in meeting our clients’ staffing requirements.
  2. Personalized and Efficient Support: With a local presence, we can offer more personalized and hands-on support to our  clients, including offering our on-site job fairs! We can quickly adapt to any unique staffing needs, respond to immediate challenges, and provide tailored solutions, ultimately enhancing their workforce and operational efficiency.

For Job Seekers
Our Illinois office represents not just a physical space but an open door to the manufacturing industry, spanning Light Industrial, Skilled Trades, and Engineering. Whether you’re actively job seeking, seeking career guidance, or in need of resume assistance, our dedicated team is here to provide the support you require. We offer job search assistance, resume tips and support, job application assistance, career guidance, and more!

Join Us Today: Talent Tuesdays
Our doors are open, and you are warmly invited to grace us with your presence during our office hours for a personalized touch. Here’s how to embark on this exciting journey: 

  • Location: Visit us at 750 Almar Parkway, Suite 201, Bourbonnais, IL, 60914. 
  • Office Hours: We are at your service in person every Tuesday from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. 
  • Appointments Welcome, but Walk-Ins Encouraged: While appointments are gladly accepted, feel free to drop in at any time during our office hours on Tuesdays.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (312) 757-5521 for any questions or to schedule an appointment. Whether you are a recent graduate, a seasoned professional, or anyone in between, we are here to support you in achieving your career aspirations. 

About Talent Strategy
Talent Strategy is a staffing and recruiting company specializing in the Skilled Trades, Light Industrial, Engineering, General Labor, and Office/Professional industries. Our purpose is to create opportunity and inspire growth for people and organizations.