Skilled Trades Talent Report | Detroit Area

Talent Strategy is a professional recruiting firm that specializes in the skilled trades industry. I am well connected with top skilled trades candidates in your area and would like to be a resource for you. If you are interested in any of these candidates or are in need of a different type of skilled trades professional, please reach out to me with your phone number and a good time to talk.

Talent Strategy Skilled Trades

Machine Builder 

  • Assemble prefabricated parts to form subassemblies  

  • Read and interpret blueprints, illustrations, and specifications to determine layouts  

  • Fasten or install piping, fixtures, or wiring and electrical components to form assemblies or subassemblies, using hand tools, rivet guns, or welding equipment   

  • Complete production reports to communicate team production level to management  

 Mechanical Assembler

  • Follow technical instructions, interpret engineering blueprints and technical terms.

  • Discern quality of parts and materials used in production.

  • Inventory parts and tools used in the assembling process.

  • Follow company procedures and directives.

  • Test finished products for defects.

  • Maintain the tools used to create products.

Machine Operator

  • Monitoring and maintaining warehouse equipment and machinery

  • Setting up manufacturing equipment

  • Overseeing training of new or Junior Machine Operators

  • Using machine equipment to complete tasks

  • Performing routine inspections of manufacturing equipment

  • Evaluating the efficiency of each unit regularly, identifying improvements as needed

Forklift Operator

  • Forklift certification

  • Checking for damaged goods

  • Staying aware of possible hazards

  • Maintaining/repairing forklift and other equipment

  • Recording data about the products they are moving

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