Payroll Services

Eliminate the complexities of hiring staff!

Nation wide capabilities

Talent Strategy’s Payroll services allow you to bring us your new and existing employees and put them on our payroll. With our services, you can be sure employees are paid on-time and accurately. In addition to payroll, we also offer insurance coverage including heath, vision, and dental, as well as paid time off for your staff. At any time, you may move an employee back to your payroll, change wages, hours, and more. Together, we will provide you with personalized employment solutions that are specific to your needs.

Current contract employees
Over 450

Benefits of Payroll Services

  • Streamlined Hiring Process: Simplify Your Recruitment Journey for Clients
  • Comprehensive Tax Services: Covering All Your Taxation Needs
  • Flexible Workforce Solutions: Employees Work for You Without Burdening Your Books
  • Guaranteed Zero Workers Comp Claims: Ensuring Safety and Security for Clients
  • Assured Savings: Outperforming Your Current Rate with Our Services
  • Recruitment Support: Assisting You in Finding the Right Talent
  • Error-Free Payroll: Minimizing Mistakes and Inconsistencies
  • Streamlined Unemployment Filings: Eliminating Administrative Hassles
  • Cost-Efficient HR & Payroll Solutions: Saving Resources for Your Departments
  • Multistate Payroll Compliance: Ensuring Tax Adherence Across States