On-Site Job Fairs

Have multiple job openings to fill?

Let Talent Strategy handle getting the talent
you need fast with an on-site job far!


Our team of experienced recruiters will set up at your business and welcome candidates in that are interested in your available openings. Prescreening and interviews take place right on the spot, so if you are interested in someone, you can offer them the job, same day.

We have had great success with hosting on-site job fairs for our manufacturing clients in the past and are eager to bring you the same results!


  • Hire for multiple positions at once
  • Conduct interviews, give tours, etc
  • No risk or financial investments
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Opportunities to meet with non-traditional candidates

What’s Included

  • Paid advertising to drive traffic to the event
  • Giveaways for attendees
  • Candidate screening and resume review
  • Drug Testing and Background Checks

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