Information Technology Talent Report

Talent Strategy is a professional recruiting firm that specializes in the information technology industry. I am well connected with top candidates in your area and would like to be a resource for you. If you are interested in any of these candidates or are in need of a different type of IT professional, please reach out to me with your phone number and a good time to talk.

Information Technology Recruiting

UI/UX Designer

  • Designing responsive web and native mobile applications.

  • Rapid design iteration in an Agile environment.

  • Creating UI/UX flows in Sketch, XD, Photoshop, and InVision.

  • Made usable prototypes in Axure, HTML, and JS. 

Lead Software Developer 

  • Designed, code, configure, test, debug, deploy, document complex programs.  
  • Development of core application modules. 
  • Experience with Nextjs, Tailwindcss, Javascript, Nodejs, Python, Java, C#, HTML, CSS/SASS, MongoDB, SQL/PostgreSQL, ASP.NET, Angular, Strapi
  • Platform experience with Pipedream, Zapier, Stripe, Twilio, Sendgrid/mailchimp, Heroku, AWS, Redis, Firebase / Google Cloud, OpenAI, Supabase, Cloudinary, Cloudflare, Backblaze, Mux, Railway, Vercel, Figma, Typeform, SeeTickets, and Freshping. 

Full-Stack Software Engineer

  • UX/UI Design of client Application.

  • Creating offline capability for client app that can interact with cloud services.

  • Using React w/ Electron create platform agnostic desktop environment.

  • Server Side: .Net/C#, NodeJS with Express, Python (Django, Flask), Ruby on Rails.
  • Client Side: Vue, React w/ Redux, Angular, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

Thank you,
Travis Lark

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