Commercial Banking Salary Guide: Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Houston

Are you considering a career in banking in the vibrant cities of Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, or Houston? Alternatively, do you want to see how your current salary stacks up?  Understanding the salary landscape is crucial for making informed career decisions. In this comprehensive salary guide, we’ll delve into the pay rates for key banking positions in these areas, providing valuable insights for professionals and job seekers alike.

Exploring Banking Salaries in Texas

Texas boasts a thriving banking sector, with cities like Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Houston serving as major financial hubs. From C&I Relationship Managers to Credit Analysts/Underwriters, there are numerous opportunities for professionals to excel in the banking industry.

Key Banking Positions and Median Salaries

Here, we see the median salaries for key banking positions in Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Houston. Let’s delve into each role:

C&I Relationship Manager: As the backbone of commercial banking, C&I Relationship Managers play a crucial role in building and maintaining client relationships. With median salaries ranging from $150,000 in Austin to $170,000 in Dallas/Fort Worth and $160,000 in Houston, these professionals enjoy competitive compensation packages reflective of their expertise and contributions to the industry.

Portfolio Manager: Responsible for managing commercial loan portfolios, mitigating portfolio risk and maximizing client relationships, Portfolio Managers are in high demand across Texas. Median salaries for this role range from $120,000 in Austin to $130,000 in Dallas/Fort Worth and $125,000 in Houston, making it an attractive career path for finance professionals seeking growth opportunities.

Credit Manager/Officer: Charged with assessing credit risk and ensuring sound lending decisions, Credit Managers/Officers play a critical role in maintaining the financial health of banks. Median salaries range from $130,000 in Austin to $150,000 in Dallas/Fort Worth and $140,000 in Houston, reflecting the importance of their expertise in the banking sector.

Credit Analyst/Underwriter: Essential for evaluating borrower creditworthiness, Credit Analysts/Underwriters are instrumental in shaping lending policies. Median salaries for this role range from $100,000 in Austin to $110,000 in Dallas/Fort Worth and $105,000 in Houston, highlighting the demand for skilled professionals in risk assessment.


With competitive salaries and ample opportunities for career advancement, the banking industry in Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Houston offers promising prospects for professionals seeking to thrive in dynamic financial environments. By leveraging the insights provided in this salary guide, you can make informed decisions that align with your career aspirations and financial goals. Whether you’re a seasoned banking professional or a job seeker exploring new opportunities, Texas’s vibrant banking sector awaits your expertise and talent.

Talent Strategy

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