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Talent Strategy is a professional recruiting firm that specializes in the commercial banking industry. I am well connected with top banking candidates in your area and would like to be a resource for you. If you are interested in any of these candidates or are in need of a different type of baking professional, please reach out to me with your phone number and a good time to talk.

Talent Strategy | Commercial Banking

Here are the top candidates we are highlighting in the area: 

Commercial Credit Analyst

  • Almost 2 years of Commercial Credit Experience
    • Familiar with both CRE and C&I transactions
    • Most deals are between $250k-$1mm in exposure, has underwritten deals larger
  • Education: BBA in Accounting, University
  • Compensation: Targeting $75k base

Sr. Credit Analyst 

  • 4+ years of commercial credit/underwriting experience
    • CRE, Construction, and C&I experience
      • About half of all CRE deals they have underwritten are construction
    • Typically works on deals up to $25MM
  • Lead underwriter for the credit team
    • Trains and mentors all analysts, new hires and interns
    • Provides recommendations and input to loan committee on approval decisions
  • Education; B.S. Finance – University
  • Compensation; targeting $100k base salary

Commercial Credit Manager 

  • 8+ years of commercial credit/underwriting and leadership experience
    • Experienced with both CRE and C&I deals
  • They are also an experienced team leader and has formal management experience
    • They currently have 2 credit analysts/underwriters that report to them
  • Experienced with deals from $500k-20Million, sweet spot is around $2-12Million
  • Most C&I clients have been in the $5-50Million annual revenue range
  • Formally credit trained through American Bankers Association
  • Education: MBA in Finance – University
  • Compensation; targeting $130k base salary

Treasury Management Officer

  • 4+ years of TM experience
    • Responsible for client meetings, onboarding, and implementation
    • Experienced with virtual or on-site training and implementation of products, also attends discovery calls to make product recommendations
    • Supports 2 lenders currently covering all of the footprint for the bank
    • Knowledgeable with most TM offerings as well as providing ongoing support for those TM products and product set-ups
  • Education; Business Administration – College
  • Target Compensation: $95k base salary

C&I Relationship Manager 

  • Portfolio size: over $120 million in credit exposure
  • Business development. Has consistently exceeded every goal
    • For 2019, closed $17M in new loans and $3.2M in new deposits
  • They received Bank’s Relationship Manager of the year in 2019
    • They exceeded their lending and fee income goal for 2020 also > closed around $15Million in new loans and $50k in fee income
    • Exceeded their lending goal in 2021 as well at Bank
    • In 2022, they closed over $14Million in new loans and finished the year at 125% of their fee income goal, and brought in $3Million of new deposits
  • Experience working with C&I, CRE, and SBA > strength in C&I
    • Sweet spot with deal size in the $1-7Million
    • Works on loans up to $10M and has to segment out anything above $10M
  • They don’t work on anything under $1Million currently
    • Previously worked on loans up to $40Million
  • Formally credit trained
  • Prior management experience
    • 3 FTEs as a Credit Manager at Bank
    • 18 Branch Managers as a Regional Manager with Bank
    • Most recently has a team of 2 RMs, 1 BDO, 1 RM specialist that report to them (the credit analyst reports to the credit manager)
  • Education: Bachelor’s in business administration from University
  • Compensation: $155k base most recently

Thank you for considering us as your partner. We’re excited about the potential to work together.

Thank you,
Matt Chapman


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