Banking Talent Report | Greater Chicago Area

Talent Strategy is a professional recruiting firm that specializes in the commercial banking industry. I am well connected with top banking candidates in your area and would like to be a resource for you. If you are interested in any of these candidates or are in need of a different type of baking professional, please reach out to me with your phone number and a good time to talk.

Talent Strategy Commercial Banking

Experienced Commercial Lender

  • Business Development:
  • Focused on deals upwards of $13mm in exposure
  • Sweet spot ranges from $500k-$4.6mm
  • Average annual production around $14 million & on track to produce $20 million this year
  • Organically grown portfolio that includes $30 million in committed credits & $23 million in outstanding
  • Education: MBA

Middle Market Lender

  • Targeting other production-based positions
  • Heavy focus on business with revenues $30mm and above
  • Businesses Development: Focused on C&I transactions in the lower middle market spaces
  • Top producer for team in 2021
  • Sweet spot is between $3 million to $17million deal sizes, some up to $37MM deals
  • Known to book/produce up to $21MM in new loans in the past
  • Education: MBA

Experienced Credit Analyst

  • Over 7 years of experience in Commercial Underwriting
  • Network: Supports multiple Lenders & Borrowers on deals throughout the area
  • Currently underwriting/structuring loans around from 1million & $15 million range, but also has experience servicing loans ranging up to $25 million in exposure
  • Formally credit trained; Able to spread financials & analyze risk & cash flow thoroughly
  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Portfolio Manager

  • Over 11 years of Credit Underwriting experience, including 7 years as Portfolio Manager
  • Currently managing a $36 million portfolio, heavily focused on commercial & middle market deals
  • Deal sizes range from $1-$12 million in exposure, current portfolio has 14 borrowers
  • Formally credit trained; currently running communication of 60% of new clients
  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Thank you,
Kurt Burmeister

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